Crabb, Texas, is an unincorporated community located in Fort Bend County. It is known for its rich history and small-town atmosphere. Crabb is a part of the Greater Houston metropolitan area, allowing residents to enjoy a quiet, rural lifestyle while still being close to the amenities of a large city. This unique positioning has made Crabb an attractive spot for those seeking a blend of country and urban living. The community, while small, has a strong sense of identity and heritage, with roots tracing back to the early days of Texas settlement.

Due to its unincorporated status, Crabb relies on Fort Bend County for its governmental services. This has fostered a close-knit community where neighbors often rely on each other for support and assistance, exemplifying the spirit of rural Texas communities.


Crabb is situated in the coastal plain of the Gulf of Mexico, featuring a landscape that is predominantly flat with some wooded areas. This geography is typical of Southeast Texas, providing a natural, rural setting. The climate in Crabb is characterized by hot, humid summers and mild, occasionally cool winters, which is common in the Gulf Coast region.

The community's location offers a peaceful rural environment, with scenic beauty and open spaces, making it an appealing destination for those looking for a slower pace of life.


The demographic makeup of Crabb is diverse, with a range of ages and backgrounds represented in its small population. The community is characterized by a strong sense of connection among its residents, many of whom have deep roots in the area. This close-knit atmosphere contributes to a strong local culture that values community, tradition, and a slower pace of life.

Economically, Crabb's residents are engaged in a variety of professions, with some focusing on agriculture and others commuting to jobs in the Houston metropolitan area. This blend of rural and urban influences is reflected in the community's lifestyle and economic activities.

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